Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sylvia Engdahl: Sequel to STEWARDS OF THE FLAME

Posted on behalf of Sylvia Engdahl:

Hello to readers of Stewards of the Flame! The sequel, Promise of the Flame, is finally here! It will be ready to ship by early October -- maybe as early as the last week of September.

I'm not going to describe the story here, in case this message reaches someone who hasn't read Stewards -- anything that tells what Promise is about necessarily reveals the ending of Stewards and thus would spoil its suspense. But you can find a description by clicking from www.stewardsoftheflame.com, which has been redesigned and now covers both books.

One thing I will say, though -- Promise of the Flame is an independent story that can be enjoyed by people who haven't read Stewards and don't plan to. I know some people chose not to read it because its controversial view of health care didn't appeal to them (and perhaps some who did read it disagreed so strongly that they didn't like the book). Promise doesn't involve the medical care issue.

There is a new edition of Stewards of the Flame, formatted to match the sequel (it is slightly smaller, has larger page margins, and is printed on off-white paper; also, the lettering on the cover is larger). The text hasn't changed except for minor error corrections and the addition of the reading group discussion guide. I will be doing a virtual book tour (a prearranged series of guest posts on blogs) during the month of October -- the issue of government-controlled health care is so timely now that I hope to attract new readers.

I switched to a different POD company and got my own ISBNs. (At the time I first published the book, authors could not buy individual ISBNs, but now they can, and that is better than using an ISBN assigned to the POD company, which then appears as the publisher even if it had nothing to do with producing the book.) The publisher for both books now appears as Ad Stellae Books, which is my own imprint.

The switch to a different POD printer also enabled me to lower the price of the books. They now have a retail price of $17.50 each, down from $19.99, and I am offering a 20% discount on copies bought directly from me, so the net price is $14 each (there's an order form at the website, and you can pre-order Promise of the Flame). Also, I am offering the set of both books for $25. These prices include free Media Mail shipping; add $2 per book if you want Priority Mail.

Libraries and bookstores will receive a 50% discount, but must pay the shipping cost. I accept purchase orders; fax them to 866-302-3827. I am hoping to get the books carried by Baker & Taylor, but that isn't settled yet. If you want to buy them there, it would be helpful for you to contact them and request them, as I understand they consider prior requests in deciding whether to carry a book.

I hope those of you who've been eagerly awaiting the sequel will enjoy it!



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