Monday, September 21, 2009

Announcement: Apex signs Nick Mamatas to book deal



Nick Mamatas and Apex Publishing Join Forces to Tell the Dirty Truth of Life as a Writer

[Lexington, KY – September 18, 2009] STARVE BETTER is a writing handbook with a difference—no promises of bestsellerdom, no feeding the dangerous daydreams aspiring writers have. This book is about survival: how to generate ideas when you needed them yesterday, writing dialogue and developing plot on the quick, and most important of all, what the competition in the slush piles of the world looks like. For non-fiction writers, STARVE BETTER offers writing techniques such as how to get (relatively) high-paying assignments in second and third-tier magazines, and how to find gigs that pay NOW as the final notices pile up and the mice eat the last of the pasta in the cupboard.

Humor, essays, and some of the most widely read blog pieces from Nick Mamatas, award-nominated author and editor, come together for the first time in a writers’ guide that won’t teach anyone how to get rich and famous…but will impart the most valuable skill in the business: how to starve better.

STARVE BETTER: SURVIVING THE ENDLESS HORROR OF THE WRITING LIFE releases from Apex Publications in summer 2010. Updates and information available at

NICK MAMATAS is the of two novels: MOVE UNDER GROUND (Night Shade 2004, Prime 2006) and UNDER MY ROOF (Soft Skull Press, 2007), two collections: 3000MPH IN EVERY DIRECTION AT ONCE (Prime 2003) and YOU MIGHT SLEEP… (Prime 2009), and the novella NORTHERN GOTHIC (Soft Skull, 2001). He is also the editor of several anthologies and formerly co-edited the online magazine Clarkesworld, which was nominated for the Hugo and World Fantasy awards. His fiction has appeared in literary journals, slicks, and genre publications, and has been nominated for the Bram Stoker awards three times, the International Horror Guild Award, and Germany’s Kurd-LaƟwitz Preis for science fiction in translation.

Nick currently edits Japanese science fiction novels in translation and books associated with Oscar-winning filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli for VIZ Media. Follow Nick’s blog at and visit his website at

APEX PUBLICATIONS ( is a small press dedicated to publishing exemplary works of dark science fiction and horror. Owned and operated by Jason B. Sizemore, Apex publishes the critically acclaimed Apex Magazine. In 2006, Apex Publishing branched into producing novellas, collections, and anthologies, earning a Bram Stoker Award nomination for the AEGRI SOMNIA anthology in 2007, and another for the collection MAMA’S BOY by Fran Friel, published in 2008.

Press Contact: Jason B. Sizemore

Apex Book Company - Dark SF, Fantasy, and Horror

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sylvia Engdahl: Sequel to STEWARDS OF THE FLAME

Posted on behalf of Sylvia Engdahl:

Hello to readers of Stewards of the Flame! The sequel, Promise of the Flame, is finally here! It will be ready to ship by early October -- maybe as early as the last week of September.

I'm not going to describe the story here, in case this message reaches someone who hasn't read Stewards -- anything that tells what Promise is about necessarily reveals the ending of Stewards and thus would spoil its suspense. But you can find a description by clicking from, which has been redesigned and now covers both books.

One thing I will say, though -- Promise of the Flame is an independent story that can be enjoyed by people who haven't read Stewards and don't plan to. I know some people chose not to read it because its controversial view of health care didn't appeal to them (and perhaps some who did read it disagreed so strongly that they didn't like the book). Promise doesn't involve the medical care issue.

There is a new edition of Stewards of the Flame, formatted to match the sequel (it is slightly smaller, has larger page margins, and is printed on off-white paper; also, the lettering on the cover is larger). The text hasn't changed except for minor error corrections and the addition of the reading group discussion guide. I will be doing a virtual book tour (a prearranged series of guest posts on blogs) during the month of October -- the issue of government-controlled health care is so timely now that I hope to attract new readers.

I switched to a different POD company and got my own ISBNs. (At the time I first published the book, authors could not buy individual ISBNs, but now they can, and that is better than using an ISBN assigned to the POD company, which then appears as the publisher even if it had nothing to do with producing the book.) The publisher for both books now appears as Ad Stellae Books, which is my own imprint.

The switch to a different POD printer also enabled me to lower the price of the books. They now have a retail price of $17.50 each, down from $19.99, and I am offering a 20% discount on copies bought directly from me, so the net price is $14 each (there's an order form at the website, and you can pre-order Promise of the Flame). Also, I am offering the set of both books for $25. These prices include free Media Mail shipping; add $2 per book if you want Priority Mail.

Libraries and bookstores will receive a 50% discount, but must pay the shipping cost. I accept purchase orders; fax them to 866-302-3827. I am hoping to get the books carried by Baker & Taylor, but that isn't settled yet. If you want to buy them there, it would be helpful for you to contact them and request them, as I understand they consider prior requests in deciding whether to carry a book.

I hope those of you who've been eagerly awaiting the sequel will enjoy it!



Sylvia Engdahl - ~
New novel Promise of the Flame coming soon!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jeff Carlson: New short story podcast

Posted on behalf of Jeff Carlson:

Hi, gang: A quick email about my return to Horror Addicts, a freaky fun podcast hosted by the vampire herself, Emerian Rich. The short story featured in this episode is "Caninus," a dark, urban suspense story of mine that originally ran in The Vampire's Crypt #25 way back in Spring 2002.

The narrator is Rhonda Carpenter, who absolutely *nails* the tone and cadence of this piece. The shocking, gritty sound effects don't hurt, either.
More info and a link to the show is available on my blog at
Or you can just directly to Horror Addicts at

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jeanne Robinson (Spider Robinson's wife and coauthor) needs help! Benefit concert details, etc

The following was passed on to us by one of our members:


This year a brilliant surgeon, Dr. Andresz Busczowski, helped Jeanne Robinson beat back a rare and virulent form of biliary cancer. But it's so rare even he can't say how much time he's bought her, how soon it might recur. For technical reasons she is not a candidate for either radiation or chemo. Her only hope for longterm survival is therefore to reboot and reinvigorate her failed immune system. She needs special therapies and meds, extensive diet and lifestyle changes, and a stress level as close to zero as possible. All those are expensive, none are covered by even Canada's excellent medical care...and like many artists today the Robinsons were already running on fumes financially.

But Jeanne, a Soto Zen monk, has been spreading love and kindness in all directions for a long time. So her Buddhist sangha in Vancouver, her neighbors on Bowen Island, and friends as far away as Florida have all spontaneously come together to raise funds to help keep her around as long as possible. Your participation is welcomed. A Bowen benefit concert, "WE DREAM FOR JEANNE," will be held at Cates Hill Chapel at 7:30 PM on Friday Sept 18 details here; cheques may be made out to Jeanne Robinson in Trust and sent to Mountain Rain Zen Center, 6183 Fraser St. Vancouver, BC V5W 2Z9; goods or services can be donated for eBay auction by contacting Jan Schroeder at <>, and PayPal donations can be sent to <>.

Jeanne and Spider both warmly appreciate your help, support, prayers or just good thoughts.