Sunday, April 26, 2009

Half price sale on many Apex Books

The weather has finally turned here in the Bluegrass and it’s put the Apex team in a great mood to celebrate. In honor of Fran Friel’s Stoker nomination, we’re having a big ol’ Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales sale!

There are only five hardcovers remaining from the original print run of 100 and we’ve slashed their prices in half. We’ve also knocked down the price of the TPB to $10.00. We’re also looking to do some ‘Spring Cleaning’ and move out some older inventory. The sale will run until next Friday.

Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales
HC - $17.50 (half price!) / TPB - $10.00

Aegri Somnia
HC - $14.00 / TPB - $7.00 (both half price!

Gratia Placenti
HC - $14.00 / TPB - $8.00 (both half price!)

Orgy of Souls
HC - $15.00 / TPB - $10.00

Catacombs & Photographs (print run of 100)
Chapbook - $5.00 (half price!)

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Jeff Carlson's Plague Year spreads to Czech Republic

Jeff Carlson's Plague Year spreads to Czech Republic:

The international bestselling Plague Year thrillers struck another country this week, with the first two novels of Jeff Carlson’s trilogy selling in the Czech Republic after multiple bids between Czech publishers BB Art and Triton. Earlier this month, the Czech Republic’s premiere genre magazine, Pevnost, featured a translation of Carlson’s Writers of the Future award-winning novelette “The Frozen Sky.” Impressed by the story, editors from both publishing houses sought out English editions of Plague Year and were immediately in contact with Carlson’s literary agents. BB Art, which also translates books by household names such as Douglas Preston and Dean Koontz, won Czech rights to Carlson’s thriller novels and plans to release the first title late in 2009.

The third novel to complete the trilogy, Plague Zone, is slated for publication in North America by Ace/Penguin Books in Fall 2009.

Plague Year, the first in the series, became a bestseller as La Plaga in Spain, where Plague War, retitled Antidoto, is currently on the charts as well. The books are also receiving a major promotion campaign in Germany, where Plague War, retitled Plasma, will be Piper Verlag’s Book Of The Month this August. Both novels are also set for publication in Romania.

In the United States, Plague War was recently a finalist for the 2008 Philip K. Dick Award. Film rights for the novels have been optioned by award-winning producer James McNally of Seven Seas Jim.

Readers can find free excerpts of Plague Year and Plague War at Carlson’s web site at along with tour dates, videos, contests, and more, including a mind-croggling trivia challenge in which winners will be allowed to name a character after themselves or a friend in one of Carlson’s upcoming novels.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Big News From Jeff Carlson

For those of you who haven’t heard, my second novel, Plague War, did not win the Philip K. Dick Award at Norwescon last weekend. In a first-ever tie, the PKD went to David Walton’s Terminal Mind and Adam-Troy Castro’s Emissaries For The Dead. Nevertheless, I had a fantastic time at the four-day convention, making lots of new friends and contacts, and it really is just an honor to be nominated. The awards ceremony was especially great, classy, and fun.

Here's my cosmic boobyprize:

Spanish publisher Minotauro has declared La Plaga (Plague Year) a bestseller in their country, which means my American publisher is suddenly in a rush to change the byline for my next novel to "Jeff Carlson, International Bestselling Author." Wow! Overall, it’s been an amazing week and a half.

Also exciting, here's a link to charts compiled by one of Spain's book chains, which has Antidoto (Plague War) at #1 right now on the very top of the heap... and that's in hardcover as a mainstream novel.

Fun photos (with more to come) at


Dusk Before The Dawn awarded Reader’s Choice Award from Amazonclicks

(TOMBALL, Texas) - The novel Dusk Before the Dawn by Larry Ketchersid was awarded the Reader’s Choice Award from AmazonClicks. The novel will be featured on the AmazonClicks website for the month of April, and further recognized on the websites “Hall of Fame” page.

“Dusk Before the Dawn is definitely a novel that embraces the concept of global change,” states AmazonClicks. “A layered tale set near the largest of the ancient ruined cities of the Maya civilization in El Petén, Guatamala, it takes the best kind of James Bond ‘world ends at the hands of mad scientist’ plot, and then weaves through it elements of enlightenment and environmentalism. As a result it is an action driven story, mellowed with intent and contemplation as the more enlightened protagonists work to make the best of a bad situation.”

Details of the award can be viewed at

The novel has previously been selected as a Finalist for the Book of the Year Awards from ForeWord Magazine, and is also featured on the “Best First SF Novels” list from Paul Levinson, a past president of the Science Fiction Writers of America and best selling author of The Plot to Save Socrates.

The author, Larry Ketchersid, is CEO of a security software and services company. He studies martial arts and has been awarded 2nd degree Black Belt in Soo Bahk Do. He also continues to play rugby (against suggestions to the contrary), and reads and writes extensively. His forthcoming novel, Software By The Kilo, intertwines the business of funding and running a technology company with Italian drug smugglers and World War II, spanning two continents and two time periods.

Dusk Before the Dawn can be ordered by bookstores from Infinity Publishing; books are returnable. Consumers can purchase the novel from many bookstores such as Books, Inc. in California; The Twig in San Antonio; and online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. More information on both book and author can be found at

For bookstore ordering, please contact:
Infinity Publishing
1094 New Dehaven St, Suite 100
West Conshohocken, PA 19428
610-941-9999 • Toll Free: 877-BUYBOOK • Fax: 610-941-9959

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Elizabeth Engstrom's "When Darkness Loves Us" coming November 2009 from Apex Publishing

Dark fantasy author's first major publication is back in print after more than two decades


[Lexington, Kentucky] – Apex Publishing, the innovative publisher behind such titles as THE APEX BOOK OF WORLD SF and the Stoker Award-nominated MAMA'S BOY collection, has announced the acquisition of Elizabeth Engstrom's WHEN DARKNESS LOVES US, a collection of two stories—a novella and a short novel—that exemplify Engstrom's early style of soft-spoken but fierce speculative horror.

"When Darkness Loves Us" shows the inner strength and moral deterioration of a sixteen-year-old girl trapped alone in the underground darkness shortly after her wedding day. "Beauty Is..." follows the tragic life of Martha Mannes, a woman born without a nose, and the beauty and horror of the small town life that surrounds her as her mind works its way out of the trauma that has buried it for most of her life.

WHEN DARKNESS LOVES US is scheduled for release in November 2009. Pre-orders begin summer 2009; watch the Apex website ( for details.

"Fresh, inventive, stylish and captivating, the work of a writer of unusual promise."
—Dean Koontz

"A masterpiece, and one of the finest tragedies I've read in years."
—Horror Show

ELIZABETH ENGSTROM ( holds a BA in English Literature and Writing from Marylhurst University and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Applied Theology. A recluse at heart, she still emerges into public occasionally to speak at a writers conference or to teach a class on various aspects of writing the novel, essay, article or short story. She is the author or numerous novels, short stories, and collections, including BLACK AMBROSIA, LIZARD WINE, and THE NORTHWOODS CHRONICLES.

APEX PUBLICATIONS ( is a small press dedicated to publishing exemplary works of dark science fiction and horror. Owned and operated by Jason B. Sizemore, Apex publishes the critically acclaimed Apex Magazine. In 2006, Apex Publishing branched into producing novellas, collections, and anthologies, earning a Bram Stoker Award nomination for the AEGRI SOMNIA anthology in 2007, and another for the collection MAMA'S BOY by Fran Friel, published in 2008.

Press Contact: Jason B. Sizemore

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