Saturday, January 17, 2009

Apex Magazine Welcomes Guest Editor Michael A. Burstein

Apex Magazine is delighted to announce that the April issue will be a special one devoted to the concept of how the future will remember the past, and edited by award-winning writer and Apex author Michael A. Burstein.

"Ever since we published Michael's collection
I Remember the Future, we've been hoping that Michael could find the time to edit an issue," said Jason Sizemore, publisher and editor-in-chief of Apex Magazine. "Michael's looking for stories that evoke the same themes that tie his own stories together, such as the slipperiness of history and the dangers of forgetting the past."

Burstein will be reading for this special issue of
Apex Magazine from January 15th until March 15th. He said, "I want to thank Apex for this opportunity to edit an issue of the magazine. I'm looking forward to seeing the stories come in, and I'm hoping for some powerful ones that will stay with me for a long time."

Guidelines for submission:

Stories for the special issue should be submitted as per the guidelines given on our submission page at Please place the words "SPECIAL ISSUE" in the Subject line of the submissions. Michael will be looking for dark science fiction stories devoted to the concept of memory, including the slipperiness of history and the dangers of forgetting the past. Payment will be at the usual rate.

In the body of the email, please feel free to mention previous publication credits, if any.
Please mail submissions to our standard submission address. Our slush wrangler will forward all SPECIAL ISSUE submissions to Michael.

Michael is also interested in short poems (devoted to the theme). The payment for a poem will be $5.

Submissions should only be sent between the dates of January 15th and March 15th. Any submissions for the special issue sent outside of those dates will be deleted unread.

For more information on Apex Magazine, please visit

For more information on Michael A. Burstein and I Remember the Future, please visit and

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Apex Magazine January 09 edition

Our January 09 edition of Apex Magazine is now available.

Featuring new stories by Ruth Nestvold and Jason Palmer, and reprints from Eric James Stone and Ed Turner.

Jason Sizemore

Apex Book Company - Dark SF, Fantasy, and Horror

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( Sorry if this news is a little late, but as they say, "Better late than never" ~ Jim Cox / NWSFS News )

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Preditors & Editors Readers Poll 2009

Preditors & Editors Readers Poll has just opened up for 2009 at:

This is a great chance to vote for you favorite books from 2008. There are several categories where you can vote, so make sure to select one from each. If you are so inclined (~blush~), Starsight (fantasy category) and the Centurion books (romance category) are included on the list as well:
Preditors & Editors and are wonderful groups that support writers around the world and have done so for many years. Thanks for your support!

Minnette Meador

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Eppies come to Mudflat

The first two books of the Mudflat series by Phoebe Matthews have been picked as finalists for 2009 Eppies!

TARBABY TROUBLE, Mudflat book 1, BookStrand, is a 2009 Eppie Fantasy finalist

WELCOME TO MUDFLAT, BABY, Mudflat book 2, BookStrand, is an 2009 Eppie Fantasy/Paranormal Romance finalist

Winners will be announced in March at the national 2009 EPIC convention in Las Vegas. Got my fingers crossed.

The Mudflat series is set in Seattle and surrounding area.

The ebooks are available through or Fictionwise or
TARBABY TROUBLE can be ordered in trade paperback through
(WELCOME TO MUDFLAT, BABY will be out in print in Jan or Feb)

More order links and info can be found on my website at http://phoebematthews. com

Phoebe Matthews - Phoebe

TARBABY TROUBLE, Mudflat 1, July 2008, BookStrand, 2009 Eppie finalist in fantasyWELCOME TO MUDFLAT, BABY, Mudflat 2, September 2008, 2009 Eppie finalist in fantasy/paranormal romance

DEJA VU LOVER, October 24, 2008, TheWildRosePress at: