Sunday, September 14, 2008

E-books of Children of the Star novels

Posted on behalf of Sylvia Engdahl

The three novels of Children of the Star are now available as e-books for $5.95 each. Go to and search for my name, or go to my home page and click on their book covers. The Mobipocket reader is free and works on many mobile devices as well on on PCs. (I really like it for reading on my desktop computer -- in fact I prefer to proofread in it rather than in a word processor, even though I have to go back to the word processing file to make corrections.)

I know I said these novels would never be issued separately again because I don't want readers to stop with the first one and think that I ignored certain scientific facts crucial to the motivation in the story merely for plot reasons, when in fact I wasn't aware of those facts back in the early 70s when I wrote the first two books. But I've decided that an Author's Note at the end of those books can make that clear without giving away the suspense of the third book. I found that many readers were hesitant to choose as long a book as the one-volume edition of the trilogy, and in any case, This Star Shall Abide can be enjoyed by younger readers than the others, which are rarely interesting to readers below high school age. Now that Meisha Merlin is no longer in business and the rights have reverted to me, I want to make the story available to as many new readers as possible.

I am planning to publish This Star Shall Abide (known in the UK as Heritage of the Star) -- but not the other two books -- in a print-on-demand trade paperback edition if there is any demand for it -- I know that some teachers used it in their classes before it became unobtainable as a separate book. If I do this, it will be available only at and from me; it will not be sold by distributors or in bookstores (for reasons having to do with the economics of book distribution). If you or anyone you know would be interested in buying it, please let me know now so that I can judge whether doing this is worthwhile. I will sell to schools and libraries (and bookstores if any want it) at 50% off.

There are still new copies of Children of the Star available, although it is officially out of print. The trade paperback can be obtained either from or from me. Also, there are now a few copies of the limited $50 hardcover edition available -- some turned up recently after a bookseller who had bought them went out of business. Fewer than 300 copies of the hardcover were printed, and there will be no more.

Also, I have signed copies available of both hardcover and paperback editions of The Far Side of Evil, which is out of print, and of Journey Between Worlds, which will not be in print much longer -- plus the hardcover edition of Enchantress from the Stars. I don't sell the paperback edition of Enchantress because it's still available from bookstores, as are both e-book and audio editions.

Don't forget that my adult novel Stewards of the Flame is available both in trade paperback and as an e-book. (If anyone who receives this message hasn't heard of it before, that's because it's not suitable for YA readers and so I didn't announce it to my teen list.) Stewards won a bronze medal in the 2008 Independent Publishers (IPPY) awards. If you have a copy and would like a foil award seal to put on the cover, just let me know -- copies I ship in the future will have seals; those sold elsewhere will not. Full information about the story, plus a video trailer, review quotes, sample chapters, and a book group discussion guide, can be found at

For a limited time I am offering FREE SHIPPING within the U.S., and discounted international shipping, on all of these books to anyone who mentions this message.

And of course, I'm always happy to receive comments on my books from those of you who have already read them.

I hope to hear from you!


These books are also available for Kindle

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